Employer Obligation:

To speedup the process of recruitment and deployment of candidates, proper documentation is very important. Employer should provide us the following documents duly attested by Indian mission on their country:

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Specimen Employment Contract

Details of Each Documents :

1. Demand Letter: A “demand means” the category wise, skill-wise number of workers required by the employer. This includes description of job-specifications and salary offered. This should be in the letter head of the employer addressed to the registered agent in India.
2. Power of Attorney: An employer shall authorize a recruiting agent in India, registered under the provisions of the Act, by a power of attorney executed in favour of the recruiting agent authorizing that recruiting agent for the purposes of the recruitment of persons on his behalf.
The above power of attorney shall be valid for the period of the employment contract of the recruited workers. Unless specified normally the power of attorney is construed to be valid for one year from the date of issue.
3. Specimen Contract of Employment: In addition to the above, the employer is also, required to provide a “Specimen Contract of employment” in his letter head duly authorized to indicate the various terms and conditions of employment of the worker in advance.

Note : Employer may please contact us to get the format of these letters :  hr@vestel.co.in